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"Conference speaking allows me to combine my two favourite things; talking and eating"! Dr.K.

"I can see why people like Jerry Seinfeld keep going out on stage to entertain audiences; the feedback is worth a million dollars. I give 1000% when I am presenting at a Conference. It is often the only time in a year the organization has to gather everyone together to build loyalty, camaraderie, educate, inspire, motivate and express gratitude to its people. I consider it a tremendous responsibility to deliver what the Conference organizers want and work closely to ensure I am fully conversant with the brief and specific needs of the organization. When the event is over my reward is to know I have exceeded their expectations and the attendees feel great, have their information packs full and are appreciative of their Company. When that happens, I know I have succeeded." Dr. K.

"Good words do more than hard speeches, as the sunbeams without any noise will make the traveller cast off his cloak, which all the blustering winds could not do, but only make him bind it closer to him." Robert Leighton (1611-1684)

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