1.    Who needs Antioxidants?

For optimum health, each one of us needs a continual supply of antioxidants. Although sometimes viewed as new discoveries, the antioxidants in natural diets have provided an important pathway to human health and beauty throughout evolution.
The demands of modern living and the lower nutritional values of many contemporary foods reduce our intake of natural antioxidants. Nutressence supplements them in purely nutritional ways.

2.    What is the best source of Antioxidants?

A complete diet of fresh, whole foods is the healthiest way to achieve your daily antioxidant requirements. Nutritionists recommend four to five servings of vegetables every day for optimum health.
Clean living environments are important, too, however most of us live and work in a very real world where pollution sneaks into every corner and the clock often determines where, when and what we eat.
Nutressence provides natural antioxidant support for the modern diet and lifestyle.

3.    What type of antioxidant supplement is best?

Through evolution, the human body has learned to recognise and utilise antioxidant vitamins and minerals found in the diet. These elements are natural to the body and compatible with its metabolism. Often working together, natural vitamin and mineral antioxidants provide many essential health benefits.
For the best, safest use of antioxidant supplements, combine them with the natural healthy ingredients found in a complete diet.

4.    You don't have to eat the package!

Fragile and easily damaged by air, heat, moisture and light, antioxidants must be kept fresh and well protected.
It can be effective to compound them into tablets or capsules, but each time their container is opened or closed, the delicate ingredients can lose potency. Pills and capsules must also be small enough to swallow, making it necessary to take several throughout the day to meet the required dosage.
Nutressence provides one daily dose of antioxidants in a protective sachet. Empty it into some juice to create a delicious drink, free from the waxes, glycol, hydrongenated vegetable and mineral oils or coating pigments used in tablets or capsules. Every ingredient in Nutressence has nutritional value.

5.    Sometimes More is not Better.

Antioxidants have a reactive nature that makes them efficient at fighting free radicals. But that also can create problems with other ingredients used in the same supplement - some vitamins and minerals can interfere with the absorption of others or, when combined, counter each other's nutritional value.
Some supplements include extracts, oils and herbs to prevent the vitamin and mineral formulas losing their freshness and potency. But more may not be better.
To keep Nutressence antioxidant supplements fresh and potent, no other possibly reactive ingredients are added. Nutressence is simply formulated to achieve maximum nutritional value.

6.    Pure nutrition for a modern world!

Research is showing vitamins and minerals to be an important link to optimum health and the prevention of chronic disease.
Vitamin supplements increase the benefits, but which form should you choose?

Nutressence makes it possible to supplement antioxidants in a purely nutritional way. Using triple-layer sachet packaging, the delicate ingredients in their fresh antioxidant formula are totally protected, eliminating the need for preservatives, compounding aids or extensive processing. Instead, there is a health value in each ingredient, all totally compatible with your normal diet.
From the carefully formulated vitamins and minerals, to a touch of natural orange flavour, every ingredient in Nutressence is selected for quality, freshness and compatibility. It is the antioxidant for a modern world.

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