Presenting in ChinaWant to give your business a competitive advantage?

The knowledge and motivation of Dr Kathrine Davis are inspiring sports associations and corporate bodies the world over. With a natural gift for speech and story telling, she uses sincerity and humour to convince her audiences about the value of "Corporate Nutrition™".

A health professional and owner of two companies, she personally appreciates the multiple skills demanded of people living busy lives. Through research and personal experience, she understands the importance of peak nutritional fitness. Hear her explain how natural antioxidants in the diet relieve physical and mental stress, improve brain function and increase health and longevity. Discover why eating French fries is playing Russian Roulette with your heart and what nutritional steps you can make today to increase your companies profitability.

To date, groups as varied as the People's Party of Singapore to the National Beauty Therapists Association of New Zealand have been motivated by her lectures and workshops. Topics include: "Performance Nutrition for the Modern Executive" and "Sushi and the Art of Negotiation".

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do." ( Goethe)

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